Christopher LaRose

Junior Web Designer. Former Youth Development Professional and Broadcaster.

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Why Magic: the Gathering primed me to learn code in my mid twenties.

I never saw myself as logical. The main function of mathematics and its various incarnations in my life was to wreak havoc on my brain. The experience of writing proofs was similar to aluminum foil scraping against my tooth fillings. It wasn’t fun and with time I managed to make it through all of my classes, until my senior year, when I found it easier to pay someone else to do my homework.

My first job was as a 14 year-old student aid serving Honeybuns, BetterMaid Chips, Hot Pockets, Boiled Hotdogs and Red Hot Beef Burritos out of an unventilated enclosed space to hungry children. Freebasing Tina’s Burritos and staring into the microwave may have damaged my brain, preventing it from properly counting how many frozen burritos were served and balancing the cash box. Or perhaps it was because I didn’t perceive myself as capable, mathematical or logical. In reality self-actualization was...

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Why I founded, designed and developed a music blog.

I graduated from the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 2005 with dreams of hosting my own radio show. When I began working in the field it became clear that radio stations were relying more on automation, prerecorded programs and simulcasting. The live radio show was dead. Music playlists were dictated by an invisible entity whose taste was unsurprisingly similar to that of a robot. The most control I had in choosing music was to dump one song from the playlist in substitution for another, whose length would more accurately fill an hour rotation. 8 years later, it’s obvious radio is now a skipping record.

I started The Sunday Idiom as a radio program featuring my favorite music and new releases by uploading broadcasts I recorded in my basement to the Internet. It enabled me to continue sharing my favorite music with the world, as well as helped sharpen my skills in broadcast...

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A pragmatic perspective on Leadership, Community and Play


In every field I’ve worked, the best leaders work alongside you and embrace the team as a family unit. With ease they play to our strengths and improve our weaknesses. Leaders keep an open mind, they bend and they sway.

Leaders have cleaned piss and shit stained bathrooms with me, they’ve paid me out of pocket to mop up ruthless vomit and they’ve picked up bloody pads hidden behind gym bleachers.

The best leaders have protected me from enraged customers bent on “taking care of us all.” When a group of confused and drug induced adults showed up for free hot dogs we fed them and encouraged them to leave. Together we learned not to hand out flyers for a youth-development open house that said, “Free Food.” Leaders are best observed in their natural work environment and learning from them should be held in high regard.

Those who shun these leaders aren’t concerned about...

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